2015 Necessity Collection

Much of my new collection was inspired by China, where I travel frequently for work. At more specifically, by objects that serve humble means — work tables, scaffolding, benches.  I noticed that workers in factories just throw things together to fit the need of the task at hand. If they are working at a bench and need a seat, they just grab some things that are nearby and weld them together. Viola, they have a stool. If they need a table, they say, “Ok, let me use these planks for a base. “There is no “artisan” constructing these things. No design considered other than making something to solve a problem at hand the quickest way possible. It’s humbling to see these items scattered in side streets, factories, and small workshops. Behind the scenes there are beautifully made objects that people have created just for themselves to make their lives a little better.

With this in mind, I have approached my collection with simple functionality in mind. I use a hodge podge of materials to create an expected mash-up of design elements. This is my inspiration.